Client Testimonials

A few of the many glowing testimonials for Artistic Painted Finishes!

We have had the pleasure of using Artistic Painted Finishes in our home this November.  This artisan’s work is exquisite and breath taking!  She is able to create beautiful things by just listening to what you say or imagine.  Her attention to detail and her ability to create is wonderful!  She paint anything!!

She works well with you as the client and also works well with a decorator.  She is a pleasure to have in your home and she loves pets too.  I plan to use Artistic Painted Finishes again and again.  Every room she touches is beautiful.

Donna Koles

Betty’s work has added warmth and comfort to two of our rooms.  When we remodeled our kitchen, Betty painted a selection of fruits and vegetables on tiles that we randomly placed above our counter space.  In addition, she created a nine-tile mural of a wine bottle surrounded by the fruits of the wine that highlight the area above our oven.  Betty’s attention to the detail – from the leafy vines attached to the plump red tomatoes and ripened purple grapes, to the string that is used to tie the deep green asparagus stalks together – provided the perfect accent to our new kitchen and gave it that ‘old country feel’ we were looking for.

When our twin girls arrived, Betty knew exactly how to welcome them into their home.  Through Betty’s creativity, she transformed their room into a cheerful floral garden bursting with incredible Spring colors and wonderful arrangements!  When we enter the garden, we are greeted with heart-shaped wreaths of roses, daisies, tulips and lilacs.  The girls sleep with a lush bouquet of these flowers dressed in purple ribbon above each of their heads. There’s even a few new leaves “growing” from the light switch!  The final touch has two canaries (I swear I’ve heard them chirp!) adding a ribbon on top of a dresser.  Betty has given the girls a room full of life that they can play in and enjoy as they grow during their early years.

Betty is a remarkable woman.  Her talent is evident by the artistry that comes from her imagination. She can take you ideas and turn them into a place you’d enjoy to visit time and time again.  She is an absolutely pleasant a person to work with and then later share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while chatting and together enjoying the new scenery.

Rick & Irene

I have worked with Betty on a number of projects over the years and she goes out of her way to make my clients happy through her tremendous creativity and wonderful character.

Gina Tzavelis
Arcadia interiors

Betty…. Company known as “Artistic”…… You certainly are! Creative, articulate, pleasurable, works in the time frame committed to. Very pleased to have found you, and to work with you over the years….. the many it has been.
Each challenge I have for you and mine I know have been different……. you have satisfied me always!
Looking forward to our next piece of work!

Valerie N.
River Edge NJ

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